Wedding Toastmaster Services

Bride & GroomTake the pressure off the Best Man & Invest in a Toastmaster!

Are you really sure about your Best Man’s capabilities? Is he not already stressed out about your big day? Why put him through it, why not let him enjoy the day too? Over the last 20 years a trend has evolved in the wedding business where more and more brides are choosing to hire the services of a Professional Toastmaster to oversee their wedding day. Engaging the man in the red coat not only gives that added reassurance to all the family, but is also a focal point of information to the guests too. When you consider the total cost of the wedding why cut corners for an average fee of £350 for a Master of Ceremonies? Eric Gill, Honorary Life Vice President and a wedding toastmaster for over 20 years – a seasoned professional of high repute, says ‘of the 1600+ weddings that I have been lucky to be part of, it never fails to amaze me how grateful the Best men are that they are able to be left to concentrate on their speech knowing a professional toastmaster is taking care of the running of the day’ Don’t take chances; invest in the best by hiring a toastmaster for your special day – sorted!!

The Duties of The Toastmaster

A professional Toastmaster is engaged to ensure the Bride and Bridegroom, Best Man and Parents can relax and enjoy this memorable day without worry or concern for the order and timing of events. Using his or her experience and professional manner the Toastmaster co-ordinates events to guarantee this special day unfolds just as you planned. By supporting the wedding party, chefs, caterers, photographers and musicians alike, a toastmaster will ensure everyone gives their best performance.
  • Advise on wedding etiquette and customs prior to and during the big day
  • Assist with the order of photographs on request
  • Organise the receiving line, announce guests and ensure any special arrangements are in place
  • Announce the Bride and Bridegroom and escort them to the top table
  • Announce or say grace if required
  • Announce the ceremonial cutting of the wedding cake
  • Conduct the toasts, introduce the speakers and handle bouquets and presents as required
  • Organise the circulation of the guest book
  • Arrange the departure of the Bride and Bridegroom from the table and advise guests of subsequent arrangements
  • Liaise with the musician or DJ as to the setting up of the equipment for the evening entertainment

Services Available

Toastmasters,  Town Criers,  Wedding toastmasters, Jewish weddings, Asian weddings,  Masonic Ladies Nights, Master of Ceremonies, Burns Nights, Award Ceremonies, Partnership Ceremonies, Product launch’s.