The Executive Guild of Toastmasters  - South West England Members




Find out more  >> Peter Is a Freeman of the City of London and the Founder President of the Executive Guild of Toastmasters and Town Criers.


Peter York 






Find out more>> The Toastmaster that offers the 'Special Touch', David is one of the top professional Toastmasters in the West Country. 


Dave Stallworthy

David Hunt


Find out more >> David's warm, friendly, caring and professional approach will ensure a smooth, dignified & efficient running of your special event or occasion. 


David Hunt



Find out more >>  Eric has been a Toastmaster since 1994 and is recognised everywhere and has wide experience at all events and functions.


Eric Gill

Jane Hall Toastmaster


Find out more >>  With her knowledge, experience and understanding of protocol and tradition it was natural for her to become a Professional Toastmaster.


Jane Hall

Janet Moyse Toastmaster


Find out more >>  Janet was personally trained by Peter York to his usual high standards. An ex WRNS Officer, Janet has an eye for detail and a friendly, relaxed manner.


Janet Moyse

Jane Hall Toastmaster


Find out more >>  A professional soldier for nearly 30 years Jim is always immaculately dressed, his correct protocol and attention to detail are an integral part of his DNA.


Jim Shaw


Find out more  >> Trained by Peter York to the high standards expected of a member of the Guild Martin is available for events across the South of England. 


Martin Honor


Find out more  >> Nick is a warm friendly toastmaster who takes immense pride in looking after his clients allowing them to enjoy their own special day or event.


Nick Goodman


Find out more  >> Personally trained by Peter York to the very highest standard, you can be sure that Paul will make your event a complete success.


Paul Maltby

tracey edmunds

Find out more  >> Tracey can adapt to the requirements of each individual function. Her expertise enables her to be formal or informal as the circumstances demand.

Tracey Edmunds