Masonic Ladies Festival

A toast to the Ladies!

The Masonic Ladies Festival is the highlight of every Master’s year and he and his very special Lady want to celebrate it in style. We know what is required and how important it is to get it right, so attention to detail is essential to make the evening go according to tradition and etiquette

From the moment we introduce the guests to the President and his Lady with all the pomp and ceremony, to announcing their first dance, we make absolutely sure it all goes to plan. and some of us even sing the Ladies song!

Duties Include:

  • Introduce Guests to the President & his Lady.
  • Liaising with the Photographer.
  • Calling Guests to Dinner.
  • Announcing the Entrance of The President & his Lady.
  • Announcing Grace by Lodge Chaplain.
  • Announcing Wine takings between courses.
  • Lead the singing of Grace.
  • Announcing The Loyal Toast by The President.
  • Calling Stewards to collect Ladies Gifts.
  • Announce Charity for selling of Raffle Tickets.
  • Announce Speeches & Sing Ladies Song.
  • Lead President and Lady from Banquet.
  • Announce first dance of President & his Lady.
  • Draw Raffle.
  • Present Bouquets and presents if requested

Masonic Ladies Festival

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