Martyn Hale-Smith

Martyn Hale-Smith is a Toastmaster with a vast background in Customer Services and event organisation. With a lifetime fully involved with the general public, he will bring all his experience to the service of all who appoint him and their most important lifetime events. A professional career tells of a man organising events from the seemingly humble to the most grand and magnificent. Most events where he wears his Toastmaster uniform fit somewhere in the middle. Martyn will help with planning and be invaluable on the day when delivery will be timely, polite, firm, fun and mindful of the specifics of each audience. Delegation of responsibility is easier if you trust the person. Martyn exudes confidence and calm, he retains the enjoyment whilst maintaining the timekeeping and agenda.

Contact Details

Martyn Hale-Smith – Fellow

T: 01945 871419
M: 07712 258958



Available for:
All Functions & Events in All Areas