Guy Boyling

Guy Boyling, Fellow of the Executive Guild of Toastmasters travels all over the UK. Immaculately dressed in white tie and red tail-coat, a Toastmaster adds Colour, Tradition, and Dignity to any function, formal or informal, making your special event a most memorable experience for everyone. With practised authority and style he guides the proceedings smoothly, making sure the activities that should happen, do happen, on time, in the right order, and with due regard to the correct etiquette. He liaises with all those involved to co-ordinate the action, leaving you to relax and enjoy your day, confident in the knowledge that it has been entrusted to a safe and experienced pair of hands.

Contact Details

Guy Boyling – Fellow

T: 01444 616893
M: 07962 274289



Available for:
All Functions & Events in South East London & all Areas